Product Review. ProBow vs. Bowdabra

Pro Bow The Hand

Pro Bow The Hand Product Review is an individual review and I have not been compensated for this post.
If you are a wreath crafter, then you know how important the perfect bow is.  With all of the gorgeous ribbons we have to choose from, making bows can be a little bit of an addiction not to mention difficult to make.  Small bows, huge bows and everything in between makes your wreath pop and look very professional.

Biggest Question

One of the biggest questions that I receive through my Facebook group is how to make bows.  I struggled with creating beautiful bows too.  I wish I had a picture of the first one I attempted to make.  Needless to say, it was not pretty or professional looking.  It reminded me of a fur ball that had been expelled by a rather large feline.
So the search began.  I watched Youtube video after Youtube video.  I practiced and practiced.  My hand would cramp and my fingers would become stuck in the “bow making position”.  There had to be something out there that would make this task easier and less time-consuming.

Tried The Bowdabra But…

My first bow making device was the Bowdabara.  When I opened the box I thought “how on Earth is this going to make a bow?”  I read the instructions and started the journey of the perfect bow.  I did get the hang of it, but I was never happy with the end product.  The bows were small and I could not seem to add the amount of ribbon I wanted or to make the bows as large as I had planned.  Frustration set in and I was considering giving up and then I found Pro Bow The Hand.

At First…

Before purchasing, I watched the Youtube tutorials and I was amazed at the simplicity and the beauty of the bows that were being made.  I also checked the Pro Bow The Hand website and researched a bit more before purchasing.  After placing my order, I anxiously waited for the UPS man to deliver.  Finally it arrived and I immediately tore into the package, excited about the thought of making the perfect bow.
At first, I fumbled around the Pro Bow The Hand and could not to get it just right.  Never fear, Youtube to the rescue.  Instead of just watching the videos, I followed along with my ribbon in hand.  I would pause the videos, start and stop and replay over and over until I got it.  All I can say is “WOW”!  My prayers had been answered and bow making became simple and quick.


  • Shipped quickly.
  • No assembly required.
  • Excellent tutorials that take you step-by-step through the various bows that can be made.
  • Bows can be made in less time than by hand.
  • Hands don’t cramp or get tired.
  • Variety of sizes and styles of bows can be made.
  • The maker of the Pro Bow, Regina Sellers, is extremely helpful and even has Facebook Live events to assist.
  • The spool holder guides the ribbon seamlessly and prevents the ribbon from becoming tangled.
  • Ribbon is not wasted.
  • The ability to use several ribbons at once to make unique bows.


  • Takes some practice to master.
  • More expensive than the Bowdabara but well worth the investment.

Final Thoughts

To say that I highly recommend Pro Bow The Hand, is an understatement.  Since purchasing, I do not make a bow without it.  The time I have saved not to mention the ribbon and my hand has been priceless.  When you purchase the Pro Bow, I suggest also purchasing an extra spool holder.  This will give you the ability to use up to 6 different ribbons at once to make fabulous bows.
Don’t get frustrated if you have trouble in the beginning.  Watch the video tutorials and you can even join my Facebook group; Wreath Tips, Tricks, Finds and Friends.  This is a community of wreath makers that support and share together.  The maker of the Pro Bow is a member of this group and will be happy to help you make the perfect bow.

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